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New accounts process

For our MMaaS liquidity management on CEXs and some DEXs, the client funds their exchange accounts with their own token and the quote currency, and we connect our trading infrastructure to the exchanges they are listed on. We manage the order books on the exchanges and send trade instructions on behalf of the client, but we do not have access to withdraw from the client's exchange accounts. The client is responsible for rebalancing crypto between exchange accounts as needed.

New pair onboarding process

For new pairs, Flowdesk follows the following four-step process:

  1. Sales launch checklist: Confirm opening time of the new pair, verify client has necessary liquidity on CEXs and determine their buying/selling strategy.

  2. Microservices deployment: this includes all aggregations to get, process, and send data.

  3. Trading launch checklist: Gradually increase liquidity to meet client requirements.

  4. Final Step: The pair is fully operational and ready for trading, ensuring a smooth and successful launch for the client. Activate trading fees

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