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The Flowdesk Assets dashboard provides clients with a comprehensive and detailed view of their assets, allowing them to track their balances and valuations in real-time and over time. With detailed breakdowns by asset, location, and account ID, clients can gain valuable insights into their assets and make informed decisions.

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View of assets by exchange, location, and valuation over time


  • Provide client balances and valuation of assets (token/USD) with details by asset and location.

  • Provide data on asset value changes over time.

*Balances are subject to a time lag due to BigQuery ingest processes which are typically 10 minutes

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Total Assets Valuation:

  • USD sum over all assets held.

  • USD value is determined using Flowdesk USD Index price data.

  • Not all tokens have a USD Index and will display as $0 USD.

USD Valuation of Assets:

  • Provides current and historical balances by USD.

  • Prior periods include 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.

  • Prior period valuation is calculated using the prior periods USD Index.

  • % change from prior period to current period is displayed.

Breakdown by Asset:

  • Assets 1

  • Provides token, USD equivalent, and amount of unique account ids per asset held.

  • Amount (Native Currency) - amount of token.

  • Amount (USD equivalent) - token amount * USD Index value.

  • Number of Accounts - total number of exchange or custody accounts (locations) where the token is held. Custody accounts include fireblocks, on-chain wallet addresses, and/or ledger custody.

Breakdown by Location:

  • USD equivalent token values are summed by location.

Breakdown by Asset, Location and Account ID

  • Displays where assets are held at the highest level of location detail.

  • Unique exchanges may have more than 1 account id.

  • Custody accounts may contain more than 1 vault/wallet addresses.

  • Displayed balances for each exchange represent the sum of individual accounts.

  • A unique asset may be held at multiple exchanges and within multiple accounts. Displayed balances for each asset represent the sum of individual accounts.

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